Scott Woodglass

Event Host Manager

Music is the movement of the sound to reach the sole for the education of its virtue.
— Plato


Growing up in sunny California, ranging from Mount Shasta to San Luis Obispo, Scott Woodglass has been well versed and surrounded by many musical varieties. He began to discover music as a young boy through Gospel church’s, jazz and concert choirs and was greatly influenced by his families love for Reggae, R&B and Hip Hop.

After High School, Scott moved to San Luis Obispo where he attended Cuesta College and graduated with a degree in communications. Taking multiple music and public speaking classes he learned how to use his already outgoing social personality, to influence a crowd and bring people together through music and public speaking. He then directed his attention towards bar tending at Country Clubs, Weddings, Business parties and higher class Restaurants.  Through work he found many different types of musical genres that influenced him greatly to step out of the restaurant and bar tending scene, to become an MC.

Having lived in SLO for almost a decade Scott realized it was time for the next step inn his newfound quest to become an MC. He then moved back to Shasta for a couple years and over to Arcata to begin his work.