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Know someone who could benefit from Accurate Productions?
Spread the word and we’ll give you $50 cash for every new referred booking.

Give a $50 GIFT

Everyone you refer to Accurate Productions will receive a $50 credit towards their upcoming event booking.

Get $50 Cash

For every new booked client you refer to Accurate Productions, we'll send you $50 cash straight to your bank.

How It Works

1. Create a dedicated online account that provides you with a unique tracking link.

2. Share your unique link anywhere:
Social Media, Text Message, Email, Etc.

3. As you share your unique link, you are also gifting your referrals a $50 credit towards their event booking. 

4. Your unique link will track your referrals visit our website and when they book with us.

5. Once your referral books with us, we will send $50 cash straight to your bank account.

6. We also provide a variety of referral materials to help you spread the word even easier!

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