And Yes, Being A DJ Is A Real Job

In 1996, I became a Disc Jockey simply for my love of music. Spinning the hottest records behind two turn tables gave me an edge socially. A definite perk I might add. Now I didn’t choose to make a career out of it, but it definitely opened doors for me in the years that followed. I do have a few friends who decided to make it a career. Wait, what? One can have a career as a DJ? You bet your bottom!

“Why don’t you get a real job?!” Somewhere along the way, I would imagine many DJ’s have heard this line before, either from a friend or family member. Most people think a ‘real job’ is one that requires one to work 9-5 , with benefits, 401K’s and at least a couple weeks of vacation time. So, it comes as no surprise to know that 12% of the U.S population are entrepreneurs. Seems like our idea of what a ‘real job’ is might be a bit skewed.

Regardless of what most might say, being a DJ IS a real job. If anything, in most cases it might require someone to work even harder than the average 9-5er. This profession includes long hours of practicing, live performances, creating mixes, connecting with clients and venues, building rapport with possible partnerships and so much more.

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Many DJ’s run event production companies, and have branched out into philanthropic territories, which are making a difference in the world. And many of them are making a pretty penny doing it too like DJ Irie, noted as the NBA DJ of the year for the Miami Heat.

Being a DJ may not come with a 401K plan or benefits, but one can acquire their own insurance and create their own retirement plan and investment portfolio. At the end of the day, DJ’s pay taxes just like everyone else, so it must be a real job. However, for DJ’s who are willing to put in the work, it’s more than a job. It’s a passion; something they love to do. Though handed down by Chinese sage Confucius, I believe Marc Anthony said it best,”If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

The Accurate Production team is probably one of the hardest working companies I know, but they sure look like they’re enjoying themselves while doing it. No wonder their memorable motto is, “Your event is our passion.”

So if you’re a DJ and someone tells you to get a real job or to be realistic, tell them, “I have one and I create my own reality.”


Written by: Positively James