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10 Tips For Winning The Ladies Over At Prom

January 30, 20234 min read

Alright guys, it’s almost that time of year again. Prom season is coming up but you don’t have to freak out this year.

I’ve got you covered in 10 steps:

  1. Ladies dig confidence, so ask that girl you’ve been flirting with second period to go with you before someone else does. If you have a girlfriend, make her feel special by asking her (obviously she already plans on going with you, but the gesture will score you points).

  2. Buy the tickets and start saving your money.

  3. Start looking into what you’re gonna wear. If you plan on renting a tux and you live in Humboldt, check out Promises Bridal & Formal Wear. If you mention the discount code ‘accuratedjsPROM’, you’ll get $10 off or a free shoe rental when you rent a tux. Guys, your outfit doesn’t have to be boring- once you find out what color your date is wearing, get crazy with your vest or grab a two-toned bow tie from The Tie Bar (ladies love bow ties, just sayin’).

  4. Talk to your date about who’s in charge of the flowers and make sure they get ordered. Traditionally, you’re supposed to order her corsage (that flower thing she wears around her wrist) which will cost you between $25 and $35. Word to the wise- make sure it matches her dress or is at least in the same color category.

  5. Go online and check out the menus and pricing at a few local restaurants then make dinner reservations. By the way, it’s okay to be ballin’ on a budget- don’t give yourself a heart attack over how much this will cost you (you can always split the bill or go somewhere more casual). Just a tip, ask your date if she’s cool with the restaurant you have in mind so that way both of you can enjoy dinner (hint: don’t take a vegetarian to a steakhouse).

  6. So you’re not exactly Usher on the dance floor, that’s okay…but please at least make an effort to dance with your date! The two-step is always a safe bet (don’t count out loud) but if you wanna brush up on your skills, check out this epic video by clicking HERE.

  7. Renting a limo? Give Humboldt Limo and Photography a call – if you mention the code ‘accuratedjsPROM’ you’ll get 5 hours with the limo and professional photos before the dance and at dinner for just $900. If you’re ditching the limo and picking your date up in your car, make sure it has gas in it so you don’t spend the night on the side of the road making small talk with the hitchhikers. Also, take it to the car wash so you can avoid any drama if her dress makes contact with it (a ruined outfit means a ruined night for her and let’s face it, for you too).

  8. If you have a beard, lose it or trim it and get a fresh cut…trust me, girls appreciate it when a guy takes care of himself (I mean, think about everything she’s doing to look her best).

  9. When it’s finally time to pick your date up, mind your manners. You actually have to physically get out of your car (or whatever form of transportation you’re using) and greet her at the door. Tell her how beautiful she looks and help her into the vehicle. When you’re at dinner, be a gentleman and pull out her chair (just make sure she’s sitting in it before you start to push it forward) and avoid looking like a tool by not using your phone at the restaurant. Trust me, good manners go a long way, especially if you’re trying to get that kiss goodnight (keeping some gum in your pocket won’t kill you either).

  10. When you get to the venue, the DJ is gonna be playing music, which means you should dance…with your date (at least a few times). It’s okay to do your own thing and visit with your friends, just don’t completely ditch your date and at the end of the night, make sure you both get home safe.

Follow these steps and I promise you’ll make all the girls wish they were your date. You’re welcome.

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