Eli Jimenez
Visual Productions Manager


Eli Jimenez is a classically trained musician born and raised in Arcata, California.
He started singing, playing instruments, and studying music at 9 years old, which later led him to becoming a DJ and producing his own music.

During high school Eli managed to travel across the world to London, Great Britain, Paris, France, and various cities in Italy to compete in (and win) international orchestral and choral competitions. However, don’t let his background fool you, this guy is all about hip hop, EDM, and all other genres that keep the crowd moving! He is passionate about the music industry, high energy performances, and creating a full, unforgettable audiovisual experience for his audience.

You can find Eli constantly researching and learning, whether he’s talking with a friend, stranger or on his laptop. He enjoys staying fit and going on outdoor adventures with his long-time girlfriend.