Ben Herman
Chief Executive Officer

About Ben Herman

Ben Herman Aka DJ MuziqLement is the founder and owner of Accurate Productions. His wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion for music entertainment has allowed him to become one of the most well-known and sought-after DJ's in Northern California.

Cameron Smith
Manager of Operations

About Cameron Smith

California born and raised, Cameron Smith a.k.a LiveStrong, has indeed “lived” up to his name. At the age of twelve years old he was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor that was cancerous. After a year of fighting for his life, LiveStrong overcame the odds that were put against him.

Scott Woodglass
Event Host Manager

About Scott Woodglass

Growing up in sunny California, ranging from Mount Shasta to San Luis Obispo, Scott Woodglass has been well versed and surrounded by many musical varieties. He began to discover music as a young boy through Gospel church’s, jazz...

Eli Jimenez
Visual Production Manager

About Eli Jimenez

Eli Jimenez is one of our premier DJ's. He is one of our newer DJ's and he brings an original sound to every special event. He provides a unique approach to music mixing and maintains a strong level of professionalism.

Zach Combs
DJ | Event Host

About Zach Combs

Zach Combs has been a part of our team and this industry for over a decade now. As a matter of fact, he also happens to be the very first team member of Accurate since back when our Founder and CEO, Ben Herman, launched this company.